Donna, wearing a blue and purple plaid jacket and ivory hat, smiles at the camera from the driver's seat of her vehicle.I don’t know what I would do without this help from the Food Bank. 

“I think a lot about what would happen to me if this help wasn’t available anymore. I would probably be missing a lot of meals. I’m so grateful I don’t have to live with that kind of worry and stress thanks to you.” -Donna

Donna is a retired senior,  living in Hawthorne, NV.  She rents an apartment from her sister and tells us she feels very blessed that means she doesn’t have to worry about increases in her rent. She and her sister also share as many of their living expenses as possible. That helps a lot, since Donna’s only income is her social security. Even with that help, she says, her social security is barely enough to pay all of her bills, medicine, and other necessities.

“I’m thankful to receive a small amount of SNAP (food stamps) benefits each month – many times, that’s the only money that I have to buy groceries with.” -Donna

Donna has had to learn to get creative with new ways to use cheaper foods. Sometimes, she says, she eat some pretty strange things, but she tries her best to have fun with it as much as possible.  Even with working hard to stretch her dollars, it simply isn’t possible to get enough groceries to cover an entire month’s worth of meals.

Donna tells us that’s why she is so thankful for the help Food Bank programs provide to her and her neighbors. She visits her local Food Bank partner food pantries a couple times each month, and tells us the pantry staples and fresh foods she is able to get there are so helpful. Donna also comes to see us each month when the Mobile Harvest program is in town. Donna loves all fruits and vegetables and is so happy to have the opportunity to get the healthy foods she can’t afford to buy at the grocery store.

“It’s important to me to take good care of my health, especially as I’m getting older. Knowing that I can get the good nutrition I need to help me stay healthy really means a lot to me.  Thank you so much for making that possible.” -Donna