This makes a huge difference for us.

Holly and her family lives in the Reno area. Her husband is a long-haul truck driver, and Holly stays home with their four children.  The family first discovered the Food Bank’s programs at the height of the pandemic in 2020. Holly began visiting Mobile Harvest occasionally, and found it to be incredibly helpful.

Last summer, the entire family got sick with COVID, and Holly’s husband became very ill. He ended up hospitalized on a vent, and Holly and her children were left uncertain of whether he would survive. Six months later, he finally got to come home. They are so thankful for his miraculous recovery.

As you can imagine, this has put significant stress on Holly, her husband, and their family. It’s now been a year since he first got sick, and he hasn’t been released to return to work yet. They hope he will be very soon, but, in the meantime, the family has no household income. Holly tells us they’re fortunate to have family who are able to help with many of their household bills, and they receive some help through SNAP (food stamps) as well. Still, they’ve struggled to be able to cover all their expenses, especially now with so many costs rising.

“Our family has been through so much this past year. I am truly grateful we didn’t have to also worry about  how we were going to have the food we need. Thank you for helping my family.” -Holly

Holly visits Mobile Harvest every week, and they’ve been getting meals for all of the kids from the Kids Cafe program this summer. She also sometimes visit some of our partner pantries that Food Bank staff told her about. Together, it’s made a huge difference in being able to have all of the food the family needs. With growing kids and a husband still recovering, Holly tells us that knowing she can put together nutritious meals for the family is such a relief.