#FightHunger with Walmart

I love social media. I know some may judge, but I will proudly proclaim to be “that” person. The one snapping pictures of my food before digging in at a new restaurant (much to my family’s dismay) and happily watching as my son takes 106 pictures of himself with my selfie stick, as long as it means that he takes one great selfie with his momma along the way.  Gushing about my husband and kiddo at the end of a great day.  Sharing vents when things get stressful and random, rambling thoughts just because they happened to pop into my head and, well, why not?

I love your silly memes.  The pictures of your dog, your cat, and your kids, big and small. The vacation selfies, late night rants, and the inspirational quotes that speak to you.  Dare I admit?  I even {sometimes} like the political posts.


So, I guess it’s pretty lucky for me that in my role as the Marketing & Communications Coordinator here at the Food Bank, I am responsible for managing our social media presence. Having the opportunity to connect via social media with the community who supports our Food Bank is one of the best parts of my job. I am often left in awe of the many ways that our followers rally around this cause that I care so deeply about. I can tell you with absolute certainty that raising your voice on social media on behalf of our neighbors in need can have an incredible impact.

The connection that comes when friends and family near and far are sharing the thoughts, people, things, and causes that matter to them.  And with that sharing, the power to make a difference in the lives of friends and strangers alike.  This.  This is what I love about social media.


And so it might not even need saying that I love the new social media campaign that Walmart has introduced this year as part of their Fight Hunger, Spark Change campaign, with a goal of donating $3 million to Feeding America food banks through online support. How does it work?  Well, it’s easy, really.  For every post made, liked, or shared on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter through April 25, 2016 using the hashtag #FightHunger, Walmart will donate one meal to the Feeding America Network*.


One hashtag.  That’s all it takes to get involved in the fight against hunger this month. A chance to give a parent a little peace of mind in knowing that tomorrow there will be food on the table when their child wakes. To help a senior know they won’t have to skip meals in order to pay for a prescription. To remind the millions of Americans who face insecurity that there are millions more who care and who will #FightHunger on their behalf.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to get your friends, family, and maybe even your co-workers to willingly get extra silly and then let you take pictures of them.  That alone may be totally worth it. Trust me.

Looking for additional ways to get involved with the Fight Hunger, Spark Change campaign? You can also visit your local store to purchase specially-marked products from participating suppliers or make a donation right at the register.  All funds raised at each Walmart location will stay within the local community*.

*Please view the Fight Hunger, Spark Change at Walmart site for Terms & Conditions

Blog Bio Picture - AramelleAramelle Wheeler is the Marketing & Communications Coordinator at the Food Bank of Northern Nevada.  Aramelle joined the Food Bank in 2012 and is proud to be part of the fight against hunger in our community.  Aramelle grew up in a family that often struggled with not having enough food and considers it an honor to be able to help other families like hers.  She loves social media and really loves it when Food Bank friends share their hunger fighting fun with us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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